Oxnard, CA producer BodyBagBen connects with Brownsville’s legendary firing squad, M.O.P. for this hard-hitting street banger titled “Lord Body.” Backed by BodyBagBen’s cryptic, cinematic backdrop, the veteran rap duo delivers the goods from their off-the-cuff lyricism, signature energetic adlibs, and in-your-face swag. From Lil fame‘s authoritative bars and streetwise lines such as “…for every lost, there’s a mourner, for every shit talker,  there’s a goner/ we bang the barrel on ya, anyway from BK to California…”  Billy Danze follows up with vivid lyrics that go beyond threats such as “…Hoe bitch smack ’em and choke ’em, I Texas Hold ’em/I’m a master with this poker…”

Lil Fame and Billy Danze have truly found a new partner in crime with Ben, whose instrumental rattles and bangs beneath their throat-chopping bars.

If you’ve been craving some new heat from M.O.P. or just need a new banger for your playlist, “Lord Body” is it. Get it on all DSPs HERE.


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