A big shout out to 2Dopeboyz for making this track available to us. When was the last time you heard a track like this? Emcees Blame One and J57 are right on time and on beat and the track itself just forcing you to bop as fast as you can and with a lot of energy too. Some form of excitement just engulfs and overwhelms you as you are listening to this and before you know it you are beatboxing along to the kicks and snares and even make a note of the open hi-hats too. Now that’s what I call jamming to the beat. The icing on the cake is DJ Rhettmatic scratching the hell out of those samples at the end. If you know who the Beat Junkies are then you would understand why it’s surreal to have one of them doing justice to the track. I’ll say no more and let you get in on the deal.

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