Cesar Comanche is an amazing rapper and a really cool dude. I had so much fun hanging out with him at the second edition of Hip-Hop is in the Building in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The Beat Binjaz really know how to throw a party and I love this series of events. They invite anyone working within hip-hop culture in any aspect to come out and promote themselves. They encourage unity and working together. It really is a nice vibe.

I had the chance to talk to some really cool people last month at the event including Philly Moves and Kool Krys. I also sat down with Hachey the Mouthpeace, who just won a beatboxing battle on Much Music last week. This guy is really making moves and is a name you should keep an eye out for. Stay tuned for an interview with him right here on The Word is Bond Rap Radio hour later this summer.

It was such an honour and a privilege talking to Cesar Comanche for the entire hour. You can see how committed he is to the art form. He definitely is a fellow hip-hop historian and to hear him talk about his extensive history in  music is inspiring.

He drops so much knowledge in this in-depth interview. It really is mind blowing. He talks about how he got started in this rap game with 9th Wonder, how the Justus League formed, his affiliation with the Zulu Nation and Black Jedi Chapter, and how far we’ve come as a culture in hip-hop.

Press play and be educated and entertained. This is one hour of hip-hop radio you won’t want to miss. It’s an amazing interview that features these songs . . .

Cesar Comanche – Before Dawn
Cesar Comanche – Hands High
Eternia ft. Cesar Comanche – Up & Down
Ghettosocks & The Returners ft. Cesar Comanche / DJ Flash – GPS

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