FA Kode is an Independent Record Producer hailing from Deptford, South London. His works and credits include collaborations with the likes of Mr. Mitch (Fright Night Remix), The Reptiles & WSO (Da Game), Claire B. Donzet (I am your child) and High Commission (Pop The Top). ‘Like My Smile’ is a fusion of trap & grime featuring South London MC ManassehWod flowing over a classic 140bpm rhythm delivering rhymes about self belief and smiling no matter what one is facing. This particular song serves as the first single from FA Kode and more is to be expected from the producer whose forte is producing and writing songs.

FA Kode uses a quote from German philosopher Erich Fromm as his mantra; ‘When it comes to creativity, what we need is the courage to let go of all certainties in order to achieve’. Stream the track on Spotify and you reach FA Kode on Twitter and Instagram.


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