Prolific songwriter/rapper Black Astronaut Records comes through with three new songs; “Calling Your Name”, “Dancing In The Rain” and “Limitless” this week. The songs are diverse, well-crafted and contain relatable stories that everyone can relate to in many ways.

The first cut “Calling Your Name” is a reflective track that sees him coming to terms with his past errors that led to a failed relationship. Over a melancholic piano-laden backdrop, he reflects on his many actions and takes us through the ways he has changed as a man while pleading to his girl to also forgive him. The lyrics are quite touching and candid as well.


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“Dancing in the Rain” is a mid-tempo feel-good cut that is made up of bright pianos, solemn organs and a bouncy drum groove to match. Here, he delivers a carefree performance ripe with a stream-of-consciousness flow. The lyrics are quite humorous, somewhat self-denigrating but overall fun from start to finish.

The last record “Limitless” is a bravado-driven track that showcases pure lyricism from Black Astronaut Records. Here, over mellow soft pianos and steady drums, he pays homage to some of the rappers that paved the foundation for him to step on and he follows suit. He delivers his verses with a smooth and laidback demeanour while engaging listeners with a plethora of wordplay and vivid rhyme schemes.


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