The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Eddy P x B-boy Fidget – “Never Hurt To Try”

Eddy P and B-boy Fidget team up to bring us some positive affirmation in their new release titled “Never Hurt To Try”. The track is made up of a soulful and moody backdrop and sees both emcees pontificating on the concept of taking the bull by the horns instead of being negative.  The underlying message is to shoot your shot because you miss every shot you don’t take.


Garry With Two R’s – “Right Chea”.


Uprising rapper Garry With Two R’s makes his entry on our site with “Right Chea”. The track has a punchy trap soundscape made up of thick 808 kicks and sizzling synths underpinned by Garry’s no-holds-barred rhyming that reminds naysayers and detractors not to underestimate him.






Larry Coleman 2020 – “Untitled (Hunger Gam3s)”


Larry Coleman 2020 ‘s “Untitled (Hunger Gam3s)” is a cinematic and gritty track that sees the rapper taking perpetrators and busters to the cleaners with his verbal body blows. His sole aim is to expose fake gangsters and lazy emcees who rely on gimmicks and sensationalism to stand out.



ShelbyLocoMotive – “What More Can I Really Ask For”

ShelbyLocoMotive gets into a reflective mode in his new release titled “What More Can I Really Ask For”. Over the soulful and sombre backdrop provided by SLICK, Shelby takes time to reflect on his journey the amount of work he has put into his game and the ups and downs that come with being who he is.





No Town Vandal x Seuss Mace – “Showbiz” (feat. Seuss Mace & Zepelin Beats)”

No Town Vandal and Seuss Mace drop “Showbiz”, a hard-hitting banger that dives into the unpredictable nature of the music business and how many easily fall into the wayside as they try to find success. Over Zepelin Beats‘ thumping soundscape, the emcees proceed to demystify the over-glorification of being at the top and they do so in an unapologetic manner. No one is spared as the duo takes aim at everyone at the apex for the fun of it.




Zayytee – “Statik”.

Zayytee brings the “Statik” to everyone in his vicinity as he delivers this hard-hitting single. The track has a sombre piano riff and cinematic pad with punchy drums underpinned by Zayytee’s fiery machine gun flow and verbal darts aimed toward the big dogs and small fires alike.


SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Blue Skies Freestyle



SomeoneCalledSomeone steps up to the plate with “Blue Skies Freestyle“, an edgy punchline/wordplay-heavy track that showcases the rapper’s lyrical prowess. Armed with his gruff and commanding vocal tone and unfiltered writing, he hits the bullseye over the scenic synth-laden backdrop laid before him by producer Gio The Genius.




JRoberts – “Dapper Don”

Irish Canadian rapper JRoberts embodies the fashion spirit of the true “Dapper Don”. Backed by the ominous and thumping soundscape provided by prolific producer Imperetiv, JRoberts brings his A-game with vivid lyricism, no-holds-barred demeanour and engaging wordplay to seal the deal.



Lucky. – “SITB (Still In The Background)”.

Lucky’s “SITB (Still In The Background)” is a testament to his renewed pledge to always be intentional with his music and life in general. He makes use of a solemn and punchy backdrop for his canvas and gives listeners a glimpse into his travails as he sets himself a standard to always live up to.



Zay.Peace – “Superstar”

Zay.Peace’s new song “Superstar” is about manifesting one’s potential greatness by focusing on inner strengths and being courageous to take the proverbial bull by the horns. Armed with his punchy vocal tone and stylish flow, he talks about having a steady work ethic, achieving his goals and reaching the pinnacle of his career. Throughout the song, he uses a plethora of metaphors and wordplay weaving popular magazines and different musical awards in his own unique way to drive home the message.



Donavan Ransom – “Chonies”

Donavan Ransom caught our ears with “Chonies”, a track that starts off on a high note and sees the rapper in his element. The production has a solemn and moody feel that fits Donovan’s verbal flexing and bravado.




Jack Spencer x Dan Anthony – “MAKE IT IF WE TRY”


Jack Spencer and Dan Anthony team up for “MAKE IT IF WE TRY”, a soulful vocal-sample-driven track that is peppered with vivid and engaging lyricism. The duo brings listeners closer to the action with their blend of bravado, storytelling and a bit of stream-of-consciousness rap.




Ronnie Gotcha x Odeljones – “Catfish”

Colorado Springs-based hip-hop duo Ronnie Gotcha and Odeljones share “Catfish”, which serves as their debut single. Over a warm guitar sample soundscape, the emcees deliver engaging gritty raps that uses certain types of dishes as motifs with teh emcees acting as our audio chefs.


Merakai x Ausar – “Reminiscence”

Producer Merakai and rapper Ausar deliver this introspective track titled “Reminiscence” which talks about personal struggles and the ups and downs that come with being an independent artist. The lyrics are candid, heartfelt and is extremely relatable.





Stockon-born, Northern California-based rapper/producer Los Alva shares his new single “WATERFRONT” and it was perfect for our playlist. The melancholic tune is made up of a sad violin riff, warm pads and smooth vocal sample underpinned by Los Alva’s retrospective lyrics that dwell on the never-ending struggles that people face.


Liv Walker – “Highly Emotional”

Singer/songwriter Liv Walker gets “Highly Emotional” in her new release which caught our attention. The mellow reflective record dwells on the concept of escapism from a world filled with a constant bombardment of images, thoughts and information to a serene place. She comes to terms with the situation and takes steps to fill the void with something meaningful. The production is quite engaging and it’s ripe with rich bright pads, smooth guitar riffs and a solid groove while Liv’s lilting vocals cut through the mix with ear-grabbing melodies.





Lonesome Bones – “Speak for the Trees”

Lonesome Bones returns to our playlist with “Speak for the Trees”, a hard-hitting track ripe with unfiltered stream-of-consciousness bars over a trippy soundscape.


Crowded Places – “Pie Freestyle” (feat. Ryan Cabana)


Crowded Places and Ryan Cabana team up for this lyric-driven cut titled “Pie Freestyle”. The production is sombre and moody and the vivid lyricism from both rappers is engaging and filled with a mix of insight and bravado.


NePh – “Brown Skin Lover” (feat. Evyn)


Rapper NePh teams up with vocalist Evyn for “Brown Skin Lover”, a mellow neo-soul-infused jam ripe with adulation and love-soaked lyrics. The production has an ethereal vibe and heartfelt lyrics that talk about the perfect Brown skin lover.


YASMINA – “funny girl”

YASMINA‘s “funny girl” is a sublime and heartfelt track that pays tribute to her friend who is always there for her and helps her out during dark times. It’s also inspired by Alice in Wonderland and its dreamy psychedelic element which is present in the atmospheric production and YASMINA’s rich vocal tones that cut through the mix with ease.



Deep Matta – “Struggle”


Deep Matta‘s “Struggle” is a brilliant blend of hip hop beats and Punjabi folk-style singing. The production is made up of dark cinematic synth leads and thick 808-driven drums peppered by rich melodic runs sung in Punjabi


Que K – “Redemption (Final)”


Que K gives us his “Redemption (Final)” on wax as he exorcises his past. Over a rousing and scenic backdrop, the rapper details his journey and trials that shaped him into who he is today.


Black Astronaut Records – “My Mind Is Gone”


“My Mind Is Gone” is a sombre tune by Black Astronaut Records that dives into the concept of depression and mental health. Over a groovy and soulful soundscape made up of rich strings, and horns with rich keys, the rapper gives us a glimpse into his life and the ups and downs that swirl in his head.


HMZA. x Erameld – “Bout It”

HMZA and Erameld tap into the spirit of 90s R&B in their new collaboration titled “Bout It”. The production is crisp, funky and has a retro feel as well while the melodic runs are sultry and alluring. The rap verse is pretty engaging too and has a touch of reflection on a love interest and the good memories they share together.


Dibbs – “On The Low ” (feat. Joey Emerson)


Dibbs teams up with Joey Emerson for “On The Low “, a punchy and gloomy tune ripe with stylish raps and a catchy melodic hook to boot.


longsleeveunder – “Wilson Fisk”

longsleeveunder‘s “Wilson Fisk” is an engaging track ripe with luxury, tragedy and stylish lyrical schemes. Over an ominous backdrop, the laidback-voiced emcee delivers a gripping lyrical display ripe with exotic landscapes and splendour.


TY Hatcher – “Used 2”.


TY Hatcher switches up the vibe on the playlist with this playful and feel-good single titled “Used 2”. Over a guitar-driven backdrop, he spins a tale of blossoming love and how he is different from the others. He reassures his girl that he will do what he can to show it to her if she is down to ride with him.


Millie Mountain – “Running”


UK singer/songwriter Millie Mountain delivers her new single “Running” to our ear drums. The groovy jam is produced by Tom Ford who adds a smooth guitar riff into the mix which adds to the soulful element. Armed with a unique vocal texture, Millie delivers an engaging performance ripe with earworm melodies and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on the concept of self-escapism in this modern era filled with information overload. She implores us to find our respective escape from the never-ending cycle and enjoy each moment.


Tiny Anthem – “City Lights”


Denmark-based artist Tiny Anthem and Juice Bruns team up for “City Lights”, a mellow guitar-driven feel-good summer song that exudes pure blissful memories. The production has a lofi/soul feel and the lyrics are quite easy to follow and it’s aspirational.


Kramer – “Tranquil Skies”


Uprising singer/songwriter Kramer implores us to go outside and touch grass and get some fresh air in his new single “Tranquil Skies”. The feel-good tune is ripe with his distinct melodic style and inspirational lyrics.


nicoroc – “Cult”.


Brooklyn artist nicoroc caught our attention with his new single “Cult”. The track has an ominous and cinematic texture and sees the rapper detailing his new mission of creating a new cult for the modern world. The lyrics are cryptic, graphic and quite engaging from start to finish.


Matty Wavez – “Long Way”


Northern Virginia-based rapper Matty Wavez shows us how far he has come in his new single “Long Way”. The production has a solemn feel and the drums are bouncy and fit Matty’s energetic flow and vivid lyricism.



“LITTERBOX” is a bouncy track from rising rapper CATPISS who comes through with an unapologetic rhyme scheme laced with unfiltered bars.


J.A. Guazzi – “Imported”


J.A. Guazzi helped us close out this week’s playlist with “Imported”. The mid-tempo bouncy tune sees the rapper in his element as he flexes on the shorties who try to front on him with his stylish flow.

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