The producer/rapper duo of Big O and P-Rawb is back in the fore with their debut collaboration project entitled The Complexity. The 9 track project is produced entirely by Big O who laces the rapper with his soulful and cinematic productions that enhance the vivid pictures being painted.


From the reflective intro track “Vertebrae,” the insightful “Keep Mov’n” and the nostalgic vibes of “Dear Anthony”, P-Rawb displays a wide range of emotions and topics. With his clear diction and impassioned performance, he immerses the listeners into his world while Big O’s smooth textures keep us there the entire ride.
All of the songs on this album mixing are handled by Chris Chase at The Noise Floor except for “Soulscape (The Complexity)” which was mixed by Shane Great & “Good Company” which is mixed by Kevin Carafa.
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