Barney Bones self titled EP is a summary of a combination of styles,urban influences(sans the gangster cliche) backed by a very dynamic backdrop ranging from spacey, surreal to cinematic soundscapes. Barney Bones slow flow approach equally draws the listener into his world, albeit for a short period.

Definitely something to listen to.

Hailing from from South Central Los Angeles, Barney Bones is an artist that places an emphasis on his lyrical diversity, story telling skills, and ability to rock over a broad range of production – from electronic, to atmospheric, to boom-bap. Delivering concepts of fame, greed, love, power, and addiction, all in a non traditional fashion, the self titled FreEP defines Bones in the truest sense. From the Golden Era inspired “Out the Door,” to the new wave, guitar prominent “Stuck On Me,” to the trap banging “Crash N Burn,” the EP has something for everyone to enjoy and is now available for free download!

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01. [Sin]sation (prod. by Thurgood)
02. Retrospect (prod. by Thurgood)
03. Out the Door (feat. For Thurgood) [prod. by For Thurgood]
04. Stuck On Me (prod. by Jack Magma)
05. Crash N Burn (prod. by Childish Major)
06. Dark Days (prod. by Childish Major)

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