Rising Kansas City-based rap artist/songwriter/producer Bam Keith shares his third project  TWIN COLOURS with us. The 14-track body of work was inspired by a tragedy which involved the murder of his kid brother who was killed by his best friend. The project runs through different topics ranging from personal loss, childhood memories, love, betrayal, friendship and coming to terms with one’s lot in life.


“TOUCHDOWN 3” is the introductory track that dwells on betrayal and gives listeners a glimpse into Bam’s tumultuous life. Over the soulful and mellow soundscape, he talks about the murder of his kid brother at the hands of his best friend and his own betrayal which changed his outlook in life forever. The following lines My brother John ain’t Caesar but betrayed by a Brutus, Bam ain’t Jesus but betrayed by a Judas/Only difference is the killer acted then shoot it? I felt the soul leave and the favor started choosing” sum things up and shows how tragedy can often throw a fork in the road as we find answers. Bam recruits Nino Lee on “EX PLUG” and “EX TENSION”, two tracks that push the sonic boundary and lyrical prowess of the rapper. “EX PLUG”  is made up of a rousing drum groove, and electric guitar arrangement and is ripe with sultry melodic runs and insightful lyrics that dwell on his grind and the plugs that come through at crunch time. “EX TENSION” feels like an extension (pardon the pun) of the previous track and uses similar elements albeit with a mellow groove but overall similar dark soundscapes. Again Nino Lee comes through with his sublime melodic style alongside Bam’s countermelody and sing-songy style. The track is quite dynamic and uses quite a lot of transitions, build-ups and cinematic sound design that gives listeners a sense of depth and urgency.


“CHAMPION” is an anthemic track featuring Blau and as the title suggests, it’s about the journey from the underdog to the champ who has walked through the proverbial fire. He brings us close to the action with his fiery flow and unapologetic lyrics where he tackles fake friends and detractors as follows “And I win again, always had to get some different friends/cos I had love and they had different plans, I hate agendas man/ They take advantage of my friendship man, They call me crazy when I’m pissed and mad”. Blau also adds his experiences in the third verse. “PS5 INTERLUDE” is a laidback skit that is built on a fictional radio station and features Davin. The production here is sublime and Bam’s use of sultry and soothing melodies also makes it different. “KABOOSE” is the single and it’s an uplifting and bouncy jam that is catchy and filled with Bam’s stylish rapping and carefree lyrical prowess. It is pretty much him having fun and enjoying the vibes. The song comes with a visual as well which you can watch below. Fellow artist Kuttybear appears on “RATHER”, a downtempo and moody track that is peppered with sultry melodies and bravado raps that implores a love interest to ride with him and ignore the other guys who try to get her attention.

 “KABOOSE” video is directed by Spike Carillo and A Harvard/Sunset Visual Production.

“FALLIN” is a reflective love ballad that explores love and how Bam is neck deep in it. He is not afraid to show his vulnerable side by admitting that he has fallen for this lady and he is ready to go the extra mile to make her happy. The production has a futuristic pop/dance vibe and his extensive use of melodies sure makes it appealing to lovers of the genre. This is followed by the guitar-driven “ON ME” featuring Gullymarc and Kingz. The Spanish guitar riff, distorted bassline and hushed trap drums are peppered by catchy melodic runs and candid adulation-filled lyrics from the artists. “WESTSIDE” is a joyful and upbeat jam that is fun all the way as Bam delivers a smooth flow ripe with vivid storytelling about his experience with that special someone. Next up is “GROWING PAINS(RIP John Wilson III)”, a tribute track that is made up of a soulful sample and soft grooves which serve as the right canvas for Bam’s reflective lyrics about his journey. From his childhood memories, personal losses, failings and success, he gives listeners everything from his heart and then some. Lines like “Laying down on my bed, after I took in a loss/This Love was amazing, mistook it all/Thinking she fake being in love/Just look in my thoughts/I thought my truth was pestilence now look at what’s false” help accentuate the introspective theme and it’s quite relatable.


The project goes into new territory in the last three tracks which include “OATH” featuring LA Mitchell, the  Neptnes-esque“JAM” and the Blackfingers-assisted “NEXT PLANS/FANTASY BAM”. “OATH” has that classic West Coast bass synth and bouncy groove and it’s peppered with bam’s choppy and playful flow. He talks about his growth and his numerous experiences as an indie artist and how he moved through his city. The rising emcee LA Mitchell helps close out the song with his gruff vocal and carefree flow. “JAM” is built on a bouncy soundscape with layered choral vocals, and airy and moody pads with a solid drum break. Here Bam gives us another glimpse into his life and how he stays afloat amidst all the madness and implores us all to just Jam with him. The project closes out on a solemn note with the 2-in-1 track “NEXT PLANS/FANTASY BAM” featuring Blackfingers. The first half is made up of melancholic and dark textures and thumping downtempo drums, Bam details his next moves as he takes the leap of faith by following his heart. The second half has a soulful and bright soundscape with rich guitar plucks, and soft melodic vocal samples all underpinned by Bam’s no-holds-barred raps that talk about accepting reality, being strong in dealing with personal loss and also his dreams and how he is going to reach them.


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