Rising rapper  Johnny B drops his new album Date With Destiny, a 10-track body of work that talks about love, heartbreak, self-growth, reflection, daily struggles and the many experiences that shaped him.


“28 grams” sets things off with alacrity, the drums hit hard and Johny B proceeds to state his claim as the one to watch. He sure doesn’t mince his words as he sends some warning shots towards the detractors as follows “You can never do it like I do it, boy you will get destroyed/I’m the truth with this music I’m something you avoid/I’m the boy, nah, matter of fact I’m the man/Always stay winning cos I never say can”. Next up is “Blessing in Disguise” a heartfelt love rap song that sees Johnny showing off his vulnerable side as he pours adulations on his girl while reassuring her that he will always do right by her. The mood changes in the solemn “Blow Your Mind”, made up of a classic piano riff layered over punchy drums. Johnny takes us deep into a situationship with a certain lady who is not fully committed to him but still wants him around like an orbiter and eventually he just has to confront her. It is a departure from the previous song and it adds a layer of emotion to the type of songs Johnny B can craft. “Demons” is an aspiration track that talks about being self-reliant and having a solid work ethic in order to succeed in life. Bolstered by a dark and gloomy backdrop, Johnny B shows why he never loses focus with lines like“Never had money but I always had muscle/Power of the mind will keep you out the gutter/How you use your time will determine if you suffer/Always had the grind and the drive for the hunger” and caps it up with a motivational hook that dispels all manner of negativity.


“Goddess” is a guitar-driven track that sees Johnny B penning a tribute and uplifting message to the ladies who are working their way up their careers. He acknowledges all the hurdles they have to face and sends them pure positive affirmations to boost their confidence. “Never Back Down” is a reflective tune that explores the negative influences of modern hip-hop and how naive kids end up emulating what they see and hear. It’s far from being preachy but rather a candid look at the situation and his coming to add his own positive quota to the game. Again, Johnny doesn’t hold back and lines like“I remember back when I ain’t never had shit/ self educated but I’m smarter than these half wits/They talk about popping xans and all the chicks that they smashing” sees him stating the facts. “Spillin’” is a sombre and solemn track that explores Johnny B’s blossoming love for a certain lady who is uncertain about the relationship and makes the rapper go through hoops and hurdles. The track is different for Johnny’s use of an off-key melodic flow. it’s quite unexpected but works for the most part.


“Tell Me” is a punchy track ripe with a rich digital xylophone and pulsating bassline that is underpinned by Johnny B’s commanding flow and no-holds-barred filled with darts toward the naysayers while “Show You” is another love-themed track that sees Johnny paying tribute to his ride or die chick who held him down through the tough times and now he wants to give her the best things in life. The project closes out with “Optimist”, a bravado and lyrical flexing track that is also playful and catchy. He sure keeps it engaging and entertaining with lines like “You can never top this shit and my flow is so hot I need to drop this shit” while asserting his strengths at other times on the song.

Overall, Date With Destiny, is quite cohesive and sticks to the core theme from start to finish. The production is crisp, punchy, and not so groundbreaking but gets the job done.

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