FL raised singer/songwriter BabyJake gets to showcase his talent as he teams up with Vevo for their ‘DSCVR Artists To Watch’ 2020 music series. It sees the artist doing live performances of their songs to a whole new audience.

On the song “239”, Babyjake shares a handful of personal stories that makes him very relatable. He gives the listener his all and also cites some of his self-doubts that come with being a creative in this era. The song has a nice smooth texture and samba-inspired rhythm that would keep the listener glued from start to finish


The second performance is for the solemn track “Cellophane” that fuses soft rock, pop, and some soul into the mix. BabyJake gets more introspective with his heartfelt lyrics about love, pain, fear, and hope. Check it out.




A few years ago, Florida native Jake Herring was a hoops fiend, fashion freak, and fledgling songwriter on a break from college in order to try out a handful of musical ideas. His ‘Little Mess’ EP was a valiant effort that didn’t really take off, but its lead track “Miami” was admired by producer DVLP, who got with Jake last year and tweaked a few stylistic elements to come up with a much catchier and individual vibe.


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