Dephacation is the latest project from emcees Awon & Dephlow and producer Phoniks.  Yeah I mean Phoniks, the same cat who brought us the superb Return To The Golden Era a while back and Stories From The Brass Section. As expected, Phoniks delivers yet another batch of stunning soul infused boombap/jazz and then some type beats while the emcees Awon & Dephlow illustrate their gripes with venomous intent. Another solid outing from all three I must say.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

The vinyl is currently being pressed and will be available around June 15th (released through Sergent Records).

“Dephacation” by Awon & Dephlow is a refreshing change of pace to the sea of monotonous chill hop and trap music on the airwaves. It is just no bullshit, no gimmicks real hip hop that is as much energetic and raw as it is polished and technically precise. The emcee tandem of Awon and Dephlow compliment each other perfectly as they trade verses lashing out at the new wave of effeminate auto-tune hip pop that has taken over in recent years. The two are particularly vocal about rap’s merger with the world of high fashion that has lead to rappers wearing skinny jeans, kilts, and women’s clothing.


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