Ezus – Write My Bars

Ezus – A.L.U.M.I.N.I Anthem

Embodying the name Ever ready, Ezus’ music consists of empowering lyrics with quasi-existential, nihilistic viewpoints on society. Ezus says the things that you’re afraid to hear and and the crowds are left breathless after performances.

Los Angeles Reppin’ Mc “Ezus”droppin’ his project “M.A.R.T.Y.R.S Music” a new West Coast type of vibe, raw and uncut but hiphop infused freedom…Have a Listen and enjoy whats coming out your speakers….Support the artists and Ever Ready records for keepin’ it real…

DOWNLOAD “M.A.R.T.Y.R.S Music” ON Ever Ready Rwecords Website


Ezus: Twitter

Ever Ready Records: Twitter


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