Ok so the last time “Inphy” heard on WIB was back in February on a “dilla:thetribute” project.. So guess what?..Now its a New year, So that means New Heat!.. WIB CATCHING WRECK right here ladies and gentlemen.. Thought bout where this cat was at, went to his soundlcloud, and the composer from the Czech Republic is doing this: t’s just a thing I want to do to keep myself busy and keep you guys updated on some of my new beats. I’m making more than 1 beat per week, don’t worry, it’s just about uploading 1 beat per week to Soundcloud. Nothing more, nothing less. Stay tuned and share this stuff!

Good to know Diggler caught the beginning of this.. First 2 weeks, First 2 heat rocks!.. Bang these properly and support!! GHEA!


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