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We posted about the good brother PyInfamous a few days back, he kindly sent his latest album for us to check and comment on, and I’ve got to say, the more I listen to Py the more I respect his lyrical game.

PyInfamous album “Extended Discussion” is full of goodness, both on beats produced by Sam.I.Am but more importantly on lyrical content…I’ve posted a couple of my favorite tracks above to give you all a quick glimpse…but you should really go out and cop it as it. If you appreciate lyricism and flows.

I would like to do a full review on this album, but unfortunately I am short on time at the moment. But trust me on this one, “Extended Discussion” is a good album to have on your library, to vibe to….below is the first single/video for the album

PyInfamous – Still the KingCLICK IMAGE TO SEE THE VIDEO


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