Azizi Gibson – Don’t Be Afraid

After the BRAINFEEDER post yesterday I found this earlier today, totally coincidential though. Azizi Gibson is the newest signing to the label and made his debut with the legendary Flying Lotus at The Low End Theory just a few days ago (pictured above).

Before he signed to BRAINFEEDER he was (and still is) part of the PreHISTORIC Crew, a two duo made up of Azizi Gibson and Angelo Belcher. This track was actually released a few months back under the PreHISTORIC tag in Azizi’s mixtape PHUCK although it’s been remastered since and it happens to be my fave track from the tape; you can download it here. Can definately see why BRAINFEEDER’d wanna sign him from that release.

Check previous BRAINFEEDER posts here. And no I’m not sure why they use all capital letters either.

PreHISTORICCrew: Twitter



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