Rising rapper/songwriter Ashton Rich had a tumultuous upbringing where he witnessed physical abuse and drugs which scarred him alongside the fact that he and his mom moved around quite a bit in different places. Along the way, he developed a love for sports, Baseball to be precise and had lofty dreams of playing in college but unfortunately, those dreams were dashed away after he suffered a shoulder injury in his sophomore year and that snowballed into a dependency on drugs like Adderall and other hard substances. The whole experience derailed his life path until 2015 when he got cleaned and found hope in music and he hasn’t looked back ever since he put out his debut song in 2018.

Now he is ready for a new wave as he drops his new song “Thank You God”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that explores his journey through the ups and downs of life and the experiences that shaped him and made him into the man that he is. Over the soulful and sombre soundscape, he pours praises on God and how his faith directly leads him from the dark to the light. Lines like

I don’t need the accolades
Me I’m doing just fine
I’m on a different path now
God he showed me the light
Use to be blind
Now I’m walking with sight

shows his renewed faith in life and godly attributes that have helped propel him into a new man who can contribute to society and his immediate community.




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