New Jersey native and veteran battle rapper Arsonal Da rebel is currently back in the lab to put out some fresh cuts as he takes a hiatus from the battle ring. His new release titled “Product of my environment” is a detailed and gritty look at police brutality, racial discrimination from the perspective of a young black male trying to make his way through the madness.

The track has a bouncy trap groove and dark cinematic textures courtesy of fellow NJ native and rap legend Wyclef Jean who produced the joint. Arsonal is in his element as well and gives an unapologetic take on the situation.

The “Product of My Environment” video is a first-hand look into the reality of what life is like for this nation’s marginalized minority. Set in Arsonal’s prized home of Newark, the audience is shown images of people protesting, cops in riot gear, and a child viewing all of it from his TV. It’s a statement on how the young are indoctrinated early into this worldview, and Arsonal responds to it by banding together with his community and taking a stand for what is right. He may not be able to protect the kids from seeing the world as it truly is, but he can sure as hell protect them and himself from the danger that it spews forth. This video is a call for the community’s survival and Arsonal hopes that whoever watches is willing to pick up.

Get it on Spotify below.


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