The debut project from sleepy hollows/NorthCreed affiliate AR is a military/socio-political body of work. Armed with an aggressive delivery, off-kilter reference and grungy soundscapes, AR is determined to stand out from the rest of the pack. From the intro he states his intention as clear as possible:

 “…Rapping to me is like controlling metal to Magneto

See I’m concentrated like I’m bound to shoot a free throw

Looking for the answers that are hidden like it’s Nemo…”

Time and time again he states the need not to change for a couple of extra zeros on his paycheck, and while that is nothing new AR does it in his own twisted manner. He raps like he’s got mad years behind the mic and his choice of beats really gel with the album’s theme; hard drums, dark,moody samples create an overall ominous vibe.

I’m just gonna say thee boy got skills. Tune in and get with the program.

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