The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Tré Wes – “Trials”

Tré Wes shares this heartfelt single “Trials” that dives into love, loyalty and the dynamics of building relationships. He makes use of a sombre piano-laden soundscape to share his experiences filled with fear and hope for a better tomorrow.

Braunsy – “Circles”

Singer/songwriter Braunsy shares his new single “Circles” which dives into the concept of fronting. Over a smooth guitar-laden backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt and candid performance ripe with relatable lyrics about games people play instead of being direct and straight. Watch the video here.

Tommy 2Good – “Where Hope Begins”

Tommy 2Good delivers this uplifting tune titled “Where Hope Begins” where he implores listeners to never give up the fight. Over a vibrant backdrop, he drops some truth bombs and candid lyrics for us to ponder over.


Pee.Tzu – “Clean Hands”

Pee.Tzu‘s “Clean Hands” is a heartfelt account of his life and experiences as a young black man trying to find his footing in this cruel world. From dealing with relatives, friends and the craziness of the world, he realizes that it’s not going to be a walk in the park as he has to cut off day ones he thought were down for him. The track has a sombre backdrop and Pee.Tzu’s lyrics are evocative.


Nigel – “BloodWork” (Prod.By Rice Master Yen)

Emerging emcee Nigel caught our ears with “BloodWork”. Over a sombre and reflective backdrop provided by the elusive producer Rice Master Yen, Nigel delivers a candid and insightful performance. The lyrics cut deep into his own inner troubles and the dynamics of relationships and self-growth.


TELLIE FLOYDD x Charlie cruz x Jay Wise – “P M R”

TELLIE FLOYDD , Charlie Cruz and Jay Wise team up for “P M R”, an upbeat track that showcases the trio’s respective rhyme styles. The production is airy and ethereal but the rappers take turns in ripping the mic to shreds and even throw in a memorable chant-like hook to boot.



Dave Coresh – “IDGNF”


Punk rock-inspired South-Central LA-based rapper Dave Coresh makes his entry on our list with “IDGNF“, a hard-hitting track that serves as his third single of 2022. Backed by a distorted bass synth and moody textures, the rapper delivers his bars with an animated demeanour and ties it up with a rousing chorus.




Reeky R.i.Q. – “Baby,Baby”

Reeky R.i.Q. delivers this upbeat adulation-filled jam titled “Baby,Baby”. The track samples Brandy‘s classic song and flips it into something different with its warm guitar plucks and trap drum grooves. Reeky comes through with his laid-back flow and heartfelt lyrics.



Kevin Ross – “Sweet Release”


R&B act Kevin Ross caught our ears with “Sweet Release”, a soothing relaxing tune that dwells on escapism and a sultry getaway from the craziness of the world with that special someone. Over a smooth guitar-laden and lush backdrop, Kevin delivers an alluring performance ripe with earworm melodies that lingers on. “Sweet Release”  is from Kevin’s album Drive 2.



Cure for Paranoia – “Freaky Friday” ft Bun B

Cure for Paranoia drops “Freaky Friday” featuring the legendary Bun B and we sure had to share it. The track is made up of choppy trap drums, and vocal chops with lush synth stab. The lyrics are vivid and he starts off with his stylish animated flow followed by Bun B’s booming vocals who closes it out.

Leah Harris – “Shine”

Singer/songwriter Leah Harris caught our ears with her new single “Shine”. The uplifting tune aims to light the inner fire in the listener with its aspirational and motivational lyrics. Leah sure delivers the goods with her commanding melodic runs and layered harmonies over the infused soul/r&b backdrop laid before her courtesy of producer Sal Oliveri.


Benji Raymundo – “THEY TOLD ME”

Canadian emcee Benji Raymundo delivers this winner’s anthem titled “THEY TOLD ME” on our list. The production has a cinematic and heroic vibe with its bright horns and punchy trap grooves that work perfectly with Benji’s fiery raps and insightful demeanour which sees him reminding the naysayers not to come close since they didn’t believe in him.

King Martin – “Dusty Road”


King Martin is on the “Dusty Road” as a spiritual warrior battling inner demons and the overseers of darkness in this world where wicked ways are the norm. Over a sombre guitar laden trap backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance underpinned by somewhat exaggerated autotune effects and insightful lyrics that aim to rally up God’s soldiers who keep their guard up.

KillaBee – “Jaywalking” (feat. Canvvs)


“Jaywalking” is the latest release from Trinidad and Tobago singer KillaBee who teams up with Canvvs. Over a smooth guitar-laden backdrop, she delivers a smooth melodic performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that talk about self-acceptance while soul searching through an unpredictable world.




Emerging rapper VMA comes through with “CONSTANT”, a reflective tune that sees him soul searching and finding his true purpose. The track is the closing track to his EP


Amar Miller x Patagonist x KaI Andrew$ – “Gold”


Toledo, Ohio raised artist Amar Miller teams up with Patagonist and KaI Andrew$ for his new release “Gold”. The laidback reflective tune is made for the go-getters and is ripe with aspirational and insightful lyrics from the emcees.

Dj Mix Mangla – “2 G’s”

Dj Mix Mangla drops “2 G’s”, a pure lyrical driven track layered over a piano-laden boombap backdrop. The lyrics are vivid and reflective and listeners can appreciate the honesty shown on the track.

Jodye Basco x K.$. The Kid – “Wheels On The Bus”


Jodye Basco and K.$. The Kid‘s “Wheels On The Bus” is a candid and graphic tale of determination and various life experiences. From the ups and downs, the rappers remind us that life continues regardless of where you find yourself.

Trevor Spitta – “My Own World”


Trevor Spitta makes his entry on our site with “My Own World” which caught our attention with its distinct moody vibe and energetic flows displayed on the track. It’s pure bravado laced with soothing melodic flows that gel seamlessly from start to finish.

Jthurston – “Love is Gone”


Jthurston‘s “Love is Gone” is a hard-hitting single which shows listeners his distinct flow and bravado-laden lyrical schemes that make him stand out. Backed by the urgent guitar plucks and thick bass-laden drums, the rapper reminds us that he is not like the rest of the pack.


Kutiman Ft Dekel – “Believe In You”


“Believe In You” is an eclectic soulful track from Kutiman who teams up with Dekel. The track is quite lively and soothing with its alluring horns, lush strings and guitar pluck underpinned by honeyed melodic runs.


Terrell Flowens – “Late Night Thoughts”


Emerging rapper Terrell Flowens take time to reflect on a myriad of issues in his new insightful single titled “Late Night Thoughts”. The track is sombre and thought-provoking as he digs deep into the dynamics of financial freedom and generational wealth within the black community.


MicroCosmicOrbit – “YOU GON LEARN”


After MicroCosmicOrbit dropped “Feared or Love” a week ago, he returns with another banger titled “YOU GON LEARN”. The track is as hard-hitting as they come and lives up to its title.


AR – “Squeeze Town”

AR is back and in her element, as she drops unapologetic bars in her new release “Squeeze Town”. Over the cinematic and moody drill backdrop, she paints graphic images of the streets where any wrong move could be fatal.


J.Script – “90’s Baby”


Brooklyn, NY rapper J.Script shares his gritty upbringing in this reflective tune titled “90’s Baby”. Over a solemn guitar-laden backdrop, he takes us back to the beginning and the various events that shaped him.



Noa James – “Sweet Love”


Noa James‘s “Sweet Love” is the 5th track off his new project entitled The Sea King. The track dwells on what true love truly is and was written by James and his wife as they sat in traffic. The track is a heartfelt adulation-filled track that is produced by singer/songwriter/producer Eric Tucker who helps bring their ideas to life.

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