Nigerian singer/songwriter/producer Kemuel (aka wondah) delivers a unique brand of R&B/pop laced with Afrocentric sensibilities on his sophomore EP, Clouds. The Port Harcout-based artist is a one-man force to be reckoned with as an all-around creative who merges visual arts and his rich musical influences. This new EP is a 7 song body of work that pairs Kemuel’s sublime vocal tones with layered self-produced gems that take elements from future R&B vibes, amapiano/afrobeats aesthetics and edgy pop attributes.


The project opens with the lead single “Alone”, a heartfelt lovelorn tune that sees Kemuel calling for his sweetheart. Over the rich guitar plucks on the chorus, he pours his all on wax wishing for her to always be by his side. The production here is lush and groovy and his use of layered harmonies to punctuate emotions is an added touch.“234” raises the ante with its upbeat vibe and overall jovial aesthetic, peppered by soulful textures and Kemuel’s playful melodic runs. The chorus is light and flows seamlessly over the rich pads and the verses see him trying to win a certain lady over to his side with a lot of rizz and bravado.


“POLO” kicks off with a muffled melodic chant and surreal keys with punchy hypnotic drum grooves. Here, Kemuel expresses his love and probably infatuation with that special someone who drives him nuts. The track is infectious and is peppered with a repetitive and earworm call-and-response hook that brings the track to a crescendo. “GLNT” is an aspirational tune that explores the daily struggles of a young man trying to enjoy the fruits of his labour. The title is a vowelless form of the slang Galant which means to be financially secure and confident in one’s poise in society. Kemuel delivers his verses with pure emotion and swag but the icing on the cake is the choral harmonies that add depth and space to the record.


“Water” is a mellow and solemn heartfelt love jam that sees Kemuel basking in the euphoria of love and the unstable emotions that come with it. He confesses that the love is choking him and turning him inside out but he just can’t let it go easily. The fun continues with “FIND”, which is introduced by a rich acoustic guitar pluck with surreal pads. Kemuel details a sad tale of being stuck in a toxic relationship and how emotional manipulations got the best of him for a while till he found a way out.The final song “FOCUS” is a midtempo aspirational burner ripe with lush pads, pulsating bass-driven grooves and airy textures. Kemuel gives audiences a rundown of his journey thus far. He acknowledges his humble beginnings and reminds us that consistency is a major key to attaining success. Lines like

If I give up, I don fuck up, success no get shortcut/I no fit lose focus/If I give up, I don fuck up,  no time to dey love up/I no fit lose focus

shows he understands the assignment and his only intentions are geared towards his dreams.


CLOUDS being Kemuel’s long-awaited and highly anticipated follow-up to his breakout project ESCAPE, audiences get to see a slightly different side to his artistry. His production is polished, varied and dynamic and the melodies are memorable from start to finish.

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