From all the work Amiri has done for Carolina Dirty & and his brother Spectac, you’d think he’d take a day off. But nope, this brother never stops working. If you have heard Vinyl Ritchie and its re-release, then this is the next in line! Listen to Broke. 

This single is off his upcoming project called This Is Part Time. The album is scheduled for a February 25th release, so check out the tracklist below as well as the vintage album cover!


  1. Still
  2. The Classic Break
  3. HeartBroken
  4. I Need A Break
  5. Broke
  6. The Love Break
  7. Convo Wit Dilla
  8. It’s Just Rap
  9. Starbucks (The Coffee Break)
  10. Check It Out Ya’ll
  11. I’m Doin Me
  12. The Night Break
  13. Understood
  14. A Day

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