I could sit here and bemoan the present state of main stream hip-hop for not producing more emcees who spew topical real time issues but it won’t change anything. We all know that hip-hop has always bred 2 opposing ends, for every Public Enemy, X Clan we had 2 Live Crew, Too Short etc which shows that these individuals are humans as well. We all are conscious to certain degrees and are made up of a fragment of several traits.

That being said, emcee Amiri has taken it upon himself to address the current state of the affairs on his very thought provoking track titled “What Are We Fighting For?”

“…Black lives matter, You say our lives matter but if that’s true then why  all our dreams shatter

Any life taken, any family shaken cop kills a black man results in leave of administration.”

Amiri doesn’t sugar coat his intentions with extra ordinary rhyming patterns abut keeps it straight and simple so each word in the message gets delivered on impact.

This is something we definitely need in these crazy times. Hit the play button and get with the program.

As an artist, I grew up in the Hip Hop culture where MC’s not only rhymed braggadocio lifestyles, they reflected on black culture as well. MC’s and hip hop groups like Public Enemy, KRS-One, Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan, Paris, Ice T, Brand Nubian and many more spoke of history and present times that schools didn’t. Hip Hop was a learning tool for many kids and teens and adults as far as bridging the gap of awareness to where we stood in America. It also was a platform for speaking out against the injustice we as a people have faced from our past to the present. Mainstream media has created a monster with Hip Hop exploiting the negative aspect of this genre to make it appear as though this is all that exists. There is a very positive side to Hip Hop as well and it’s not only in the fact that it will make you dance, but we also have a message that still resonates. As I watch the news daily, I continue to see police brutality in the forefront. What upsets me about the situation is the deaths have come as a result of petty and innocent things such as arguments, small tickets, and a kid dying because he was waving a toy gun. I know there are two sides to all stories, but with technology and cameras rolling, we have been forced to watch too many police stops gone viral. Anytime something goes viral, it becomes a disease and that’s what has happened with police brutality as we have watched it spread to places we never heard of. As much as I wish it would stop, it continues and I could be next, you could be next, it’s like a spinning wheel and where it stops no one knows. With that being written, I was inspired to record out of my norm and speak on this current dilemma we are faced with. The song speaks volumes as it addresses what many are afraid to speak on. If only one hears this and understands, I am at satisfaction, but the more it reaches the more it teaches. So let’s get this out to the masses and let our voice be heard! Tag it, share it, copy it, play it, say it!!!

“What Are We Fighting For? Justice

What Are We Fighting For? Equality

What Are We Fighting For? Peace

And Stop The Killing…..THE POLICE!”

As a whole, we are taught to love everyone regardless of anything considered. With that being said I got love for all!


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