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Everybody does it, I know, but J Dilla has influenced me in too many ways. I needed to give something back, and this is the only way I feel I could do it in any respect.
His music alone has pushed me to do so many things, to keep trying, to be unique in my sound, to not conform to what sound is ‘popular,’ to enjoy all forms of music, etc, etc. So many people can tell you he’s had the same influences on them, and this is just a testament to the man’s legacy.
The title of this album comes from two sources.

Fun Filled Fact..this is project number 15 from the composer…If you are walking dead, well its time to wake up to the reality that WIB has dope sh!t on deck on a daily and I, 602Diggler approve that these tracks are from WIB SlAP-A-CHEEK Foundation…ghea!


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A) The mood Dilla’s music puts me in is something so introspective and self-analyzing that, to me, it’s something relatable to the way the mind works when sleeping. Dreams are said to be representations of your deepest and truest emotions; the things that Dilla put into each and everyone of his songs. Dreams are also only attainable through sleep.
B) Sleep is something precious to me, something that becomes less and less abundant as I grow older. Dilla’s death rides along similar lines. He’s not with us anymore, and because of this, his music is as precious to me as sleep is. It’s sad that his library of works really only became as popular post-humous.
This album is not a statement of my skill or a means of working off of someone else for promotion. I know that I have miles to go in my music and I’m willing to make the journey. This album is a statement of respect.
RIP J Dilla.

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