Mecca GodZilla unleashed his debut album Perfect 天 (translation ten/heaven) last month to much acclaim, detailing the journey of the protagonist, and alias of the emcee/producer, Ryu Black through the Street Fighter universe.  True enough; it’s done well.  Filled with homages and references, projects like this are pure musical indulgence for fans of hip-hop and gaming.

Even for those not into Street Fighter, the album holds more than enough integrity to hip-hop for any fan of the genre to vibe to.   Guests include Majesty, Masia One, Divine Life, Mio Fuij, Mariannie, Mega-Ran and Dashah.  Sonically, it occupies that realm encompassing Wu, RZA, DOOM and Monsta Island Czars (of which Mecha GodZilla is a former member) and stands strong against these peers.

Resulting from 3 years of work, including a successful Kickstarter Campaign, the album also serves multi-philanthropic causes including Ovarian Cancer Canada and relief funds for Haiti and Japan.

Conceptually, like Random & Lost Perception’s Black Materia earlier in the year, it excels and is ultimately great fun to listen to.  Originality and freshness like this is always appreciated.

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