Oddisee – Al Mawrada

To celebrate/promote the release of Oddisee’s ‘Odd Seasons’ on Vinyl Mello Music Group have put out ‘Al Mawrada’ for free, one of the songs on the bonus 7″ which you can download from Bandcamp here. There’s a nice story behind the song actually (from MMM):

Al Mawrada is a neighborhood in Omdurman, Sudan where Oddisee used to hang out with friends and family.  He recalls hearing the music coming from rickshaws and pickup trucks, as well as the hustle of the people passing by.  This instrumental is inspired directly from those childhood experiences while the synths horns are a classic staple in Sudanese music today.

The album’s mad funky and if you like a bit of wax you should give this one consideration. Nice stuff.

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