Paul White – Trust ft. Guilty Simpson

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You know how we love us some Paul White here, well today is a good day. The London producer’s psychedelic genre-defying sound has gone from groundbreaking to established and well-loved in just a few small years. This album released yesterday is his latest offering on home-label One-Handed Music, displaying a variety of production techniques to suit the expansive range of rhyme styles from guest appearances: Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Moe Pope, Marv Won, Nancy Elizabeth, Jehst and of course label-mate Tranqill.


“We don’t know where we’re going but we sure make a lot of noise getting there!” – so goes the tongue-in-cheek opening to Rapping With Paul White, the gifted South Londoner’s first full-length vocal project. It’s another left turn after last year’s intriguing Paul White & The Purple Brain excursion into prog and psych-rock and deserves to establish its mastermind as one of the most versatile and individual producers working today.

Paul White: Bandcamp • Myspace


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