Pro Era member Aaron Rose is poised to deliver his long awaited project titled Elixir. The EP is a 9 track project which sees him collaborating with Domo Genesis, Dirty Sanchez while BK producer J57 handles the bulk of the production with the exception of “The Shift” which is produced by The Audible Doctor and  the lead single Swank Corleone which is produced by Boston artist Latrell James.

The single in question is a moody, cinematic bouncy banger which affords Aaron Rose the opportunity to spazz out with an aggressive  double time delivery peppered with  lyrics such as

“My ni**a, I’m very clever/ Let me guess, you too?) with some shots aimed at his critics. Just peep these lines: “Step into my ring, get boxed in/  The most diverse, but they sayin’ we boxed in/ So even if you drop a pin, you couldn’t find me”

Swank Corleone” can now be streamed, and is available for download as the first instant grat track off the iTunes pre-order for Elixir, which drops Dec. 16 via Coalmine Records.


01. The Root of Sole

02. The Art of Sole

03. Parkside Ave

04. Break It Down (feat. Domo Genesis)

05. Jimmy’s Open Bar (Interlude)

06. The Shift (feat. Dirty Sanchez)

07. Swank Corleone


08. The Art of Sole (J57 Stay Paid Remix)

09. The Art of Sole (Instrumental)

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