Pro Era’s Aaron Rose‘s second single “Parkside Ave” serves as an introduction of some sorts as we are afforded a grim tour of his stomping grounds. He gives the listener a short overview of several instances, characters and then some using a pretty elegant delivery and colorful illustrations to drive home his point.

“Parkside Ave,” the grimy new single from his much anticipated new EP, Elixir


“Parkside Ave” can now be streamed, and is available for download as the second instant grat track off the iTunes pre-order for Elixir, which drops next Friday, December 16th, via Coalmine Records.


01. The Root of Sole

02. The Art of Sole

03. Parkside Ave

04. Break It Down (feat. Domo Genesis)

05. Jimmy’s Open Bar (Interlude)

06. The Shift (feat. Dirty Sanchez)

07. Swank Corleone


08. The Art of Sole (J57 Stay Paid Remix)

09. The Art of Sole (Instrumental)

*All tracks produced by J57, except for “The Shift” which is produced by The Audible Doctor, and “Swank Corleone” which is produced by Latrell James.

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