Inspired by countless hours of Cowboy Bebop on [adultswim], comes a new project: Waltz 2 Ganymede. A nine track odyssey, by RADICULE who returns to the Jazz-Hop roots that essentially raised his musical ears. A homage to all that Bebop is and all who were involved with the hit anime series, Waltz 2 Ganymede blends the elements that made the anime an absolute smash with the punch of hip-hop, the slap of boom-bap, and the dreamy reverberations of vaporwave. Slated to be released soon, via RADICULE’s bandcamp. Eight cassette tapes are expected to be dubbed and put up for sale.


It’s just another day on-board the Bebop; nothing to do and nothing to live off of. Funneling through hyperspace, on the hunt for their next bounty, the crew find themselves enticed by mysterious sounds belting out from the depths of the ship. Faye is the first to stumble upon the machine from which the music plays. A Sound design cassette deck, severely busted & tattered, contains a gold plated tape. The lights flickering from within the machine, Spike, Jet, Ed, and Ein all gather around the deck alongside Faye. The seductive jazz rhythms grow stronger and begin to beat faster, and all of a sudden something begins to overtake the crew members. A voice phases in and out and they only hear but one name: RADICULE. The crew begins to shutter in fear, yet their bodies still sway to the music and they find themselves in a trance. Suddenly…a flash…now accessing the dreams of the crew member, Faye Valentine.

– See you soon space cowboys, cowgirls, all 300,000 bounty hunters in the star system.

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