Zambian’s Holstar gave us a glimpse of what to come when he dropped Awakening a while back and I must say, he hit the ground running with his latest project. The project in question is a 5 track EP titled “Beast Meets A Problem” with rising producer RocBeats. The soundscape may have changed but Holstar still rolls with the same ol G mentality which is evident throughout the EP. You already know he’s not horsing around when the opening verses ends like this…..

You get dis-corded, reported you illegal fool, you get your visa depleted defeated, your conceited your crew/

We’re the truth, Big Holstar and Roc beats, Beast meets a problem, Bigger than suave meats/

It’s pretty daunting to tackle a lot of topical issues on a 5 track project but Holstar doesn’t lose steam on tracks like Love Lecture, Lost One and Mum Therapy. His verbal sword is sharp as ever while the narratives bring the listener closer to his world. A brilliant blend if you asked me, definitely worth checking out.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

Beast Meets a Problem, ‘Old’ Meets ‘New’, Holstar of Lusaka the Rapper Teams up with Kalulushi’s Rocbeats the producer in what is a pairing of Epic proportions.

This 5 track EP brings out a more lyrical side of Holstar that is reminiscent of his previous work with a battle rap approach on the first two tracks, he also touches on “personalities,” love and career. Rocbeats though considered an upcoming producer has cemented his spot as one of Zambia’s most sought after producers working with acts such as Marvel, renowned Zambian rapper Slap Dee and Kenya’s Xtatic

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