Philly-based rapper/songwriter Miles Anthony first entered the scene with his debut album I’ll Explain Everything, and now he follows it with a brand new project titled Monster and the Margarita EP. The 5 track body of work is the culmination of his experience and growth as a young man and emerging artist trying to find his footing.


The project starts with an introductory vocal snippet that ushers listeners into Miles’ world and true to his word, he gives a solid and detailed effort to give us an understanding of how things work. “Long Way Home”  has a jazzy feel and it’s anchored on the mellow and soulful textures filled with gorgeous piano riffs underpinned by soft bass-laden grooves. Miles’ paced flow comes to the forefront with lines like “Always knew I was a poor sportsman, punching like I’m George Foreman, its in that boy nature like the 4 horsemen/Never been the one for venting out my grievances” where he comments on his flaws and takes accountability. He is joined by fellow rapper  Tyler God and both share their candid thoughts with no filter. This is followed by “The Dive”, a dark brooding track with thumping trap drums and a melody-infused chorus. Here, Miles talks about his slow rise, his successes and the various experiences that shaped him and taps into the mindset of a winner who doesn’t have the luxury to play around. Next is “Apocalypse”, which is introduced by a classic soul sample that many listeners would recognize and it helps set a new tone with its dark and cinematic aesthetic.  He sounds edgy and taps into the urgency of the situation with an insightful perspective as he looks at the current affairs around him and in the world at large.


The project continues with the last two tracks, “Walk on Water” a solemn and reflective piece and the introspective “Hues: Part One (Wake Up)”. The former explores the dark side of making wrong decisions and is also a showcase of Miles’ rich lyricism and distinct style while the latter is a reminder to stay alert in an unpredictable world. The production is layered, cinematic and rich while Miles’ use of vivid storytelling paints a dark and ominous picture of how life can get in the hood.  Overall Monster and the Margarita EP, seems to be like a stopover before something big and sees Miles exploring relatable themes but not necessarily breaking new grounds. The project is cohesive in terms of the sound and Miles’ lyrical approach is diverse and engaging for the most part.




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