(Astro!) Willie Evans Jr. (Cyber Sheik!) recently took to his website to upload the latest in his trademark video-chopping tracks, this time re-working the faux-ad for “Anaconda Malt Liquor” from the film Black Dynamite. In his own words…

Basically something like what I would do if they hit me up to do an adult swim bump and/or open for the new cartoon. Did it for fun and don’t own notthin’ but the mustache. I own the mustache he’s wearing. Unlawful use of that mustache is punishable. You’ll find out by what.

Willie Evans Jr.

Hopefully Adult Swim is listening because there’s much more of the same on the way with news of an upcoming full project comprising songs in this unique style of reworkings, entitled Beat Tape From Mars.  Keep updated via WIB and Willie Evans Jr.’s links below…

Also, be sure to check out our full review of his latest album Introducin’ and the film Black Dynamite.

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