Many fans have been either listening to this tape, or anticipating for its release! Put together by DJ Muggs and hosted by MC Supernatural, this mixtape is featuring all the newest and latest tracks from most of the cast for this year’s festival! The mixtape features exclusive tracks from Rock the Bells artists such as Atmosphere, DMX, Xzibit, Fashawn & Murs, Prodigy, Hit Squad and more, including the first release from hip hop pioneers Deltron 3030 in over a decade. In addition, renowned Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA will be treating listeners to the first and never before released single off the soundtrack for his upcoming Universal Pictures feature length film, The Man with the Iron Fists.

Click below to see the tracklisting & cover art. Download it here.

1. Supernatural – Chasers
2. Cassie Veggies – Y.N.M. (ft. Niko, G4, & Rocket Da Goon)
3. Murs & Fashawn – Slash Gordon
4. Atmosphere – Millenium Dodo
5. Deltron 3030 – The Agony|
6. Ice Cube – Reckless in the Booth (ft. OMG)
7. Supernatural – Street Hustle
8. Slim the Mobster – These Bitches (ft. Twista)
9. Xzibit – Platinum Patron
10. First light (Pep Love & Opio)

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