I love connecting with hip-hop artists on location just before they take to the stage. I had the privilege of interviewing Shad at Call the Office in his hometown of London, Ontario a few years back. It was a great conversation and a nice hour of radio.

I caught up with him again last week for his homecoming show in support of his new album Flying Colours. This time he was headlining at the newly renovated London Music Hall. 

The venue was absolutely gorgeous and completely packed. So many people were anxious to see the homecoming of our local hero. And he didn’t disappoint. Shad put on an incredible show highlighting his extensive catalog of music.

I was surprised to see that he remembered me and more specifically our last conversation. Even better than that, he was looking forward to another great hour of radio. I hope you are too.

I had so much interviewing Shad for a second time. I got to hang out with Branded Moore and Ngajuana and enjoy a great night too.

What’s better than that?

Perhaps this podcast that includes real hip-hop music and talk featuring . . .

Shad – Lost (Flying Colours 2013)
Shad ft Eternia – Love Means (Flying Colours 2013)
Shad – Stylin (Flying Colours 2013)
Shad – Fam Jam (Flying Colours 2013)
Shad – Compromise (The Old Prince 2007)
Shad– A Milli Vanilli (Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness 2012)
Shad & Skratch Bastid – Classic (The Spring Up 2013)
Shad – Keep Shining (TSOL 2010)

The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour – The best in underground hip-hop music and talk every week with Chase March.

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