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It’s that dreaded time of year again. . . at least for some. For others it sparks an air of excitement. Summer holidays may be coming to an end but there is a hint of promise for the new school year that is about to start. Some of us are ready to go back to school, while others want the holiday to last just a little longer. No matter what category you fit into, it is time to start getting prepared to go back to school.

Hello, my name is Chase March, and welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. I do my best to educate and entertain you once a month with this documentary radio program. I truly believe that learning is lifelong process and that hip-hop has the power to inform as well as entertain.

So in the immortal words of Krs-One, let’s get things started with the track, “You Must Learn” and then continue the show with these school-themed rap songs.

Boogie Down Productions – You Must Learn
Young MC – Principal’s Office
Leaders of the New School – Case of the PTA
2Pac – Old School
Eminem – Brain Damage

The last song deals with bullying in school. It’s a sad tale that Eminem weaves in that song. He was bullied and had to deal with it all on his own. This is a very real situation for many young people.

I had the chance to interview a teenaged-author about this very topic. She wrote a book entitled Bully in The Mirror. She was an inspiring young lady to talk to and while this is a hip-hop program, I really want to run that interview for you today. I know this is a bit outside of what we normally do here on the program. I interview authors regularly on my blog chasemarch.com but this is the first time I’ve featured one of those author interviews on the radio. B

If you stick with me, you might learn something and be inspired by this incredible young lady. I did this interview back in February and featured it on my blog but I think it is important to air since we are touching on the topic of bullying in schools.

But first, let’s hear “Us” by Brother Ali. It is an anti-bullying song if I’ve ever heard one. It’s beautiful and a great way to transition to the interview with Shanaya.

Brother Ali – Us
An interview with Shanaya Fastje.

We then close off the show with one more school-themed song.

Pharcyde – Passing Me By

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