Sincere Vega – Questions Pt. 1 (Prod. Maxx Julian)

Sincere Vega – Trouble (Prod. Maxx Julian)

Sincere Vega – Movin Blocks (Prod. Maxx Julian)

This album is truly representative of modern creative culture. Maxx Julian, a producer from Detroit, Michigan, was connected with Sincere Vega, emcee-producer from Orlando, Florida through a well-known Hiphop blog, Initially, @602Diggler, one of the site’s research/writers, reached out to Sincere Vega after hearing some of his previous releases to collaborate with Maxx Julian. The two had no knowledge of each other until @602Diggler sent Vega the already-titled-instrumental for what would become the song “Blisters”. Maxx suggested the idea of a full-length album to Vega, featuring Maxx’s production and Vega’s rhymes. This release represents the freedom and access provided by the internet. Maxx Julian contributes fresh boom-bap beats that radiate character and creativity while keeping true to his Hiphop roots. Sincere Vega contributes new-school rhymes that exhibit massive storytelling and a range of emotional content. This is an album for all sectors of the broad spectrum of Hiphop listeners. Enjoy.

Mad proud of this project as it came out as a classic to the masses, BIG SHOUT OUT TO SINCERE VEGA AND MAXX JULIAN FOR THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS THEY PUT INTO THE “sinAMaxx” ALBUM AND WIB’S FIRST LADY “Carminelitta” FOR REPPIN’ WIB ON THE ALBUM AND PLAYING THE EDIT BOT! The creativity of the “sinAmaxx” illuminates the whole worlds atmosphere, releasing fresh oxygen to the human race to breath easier, listen better, and also a clarity for vision, it touches all senses…This audible notion is a greeting for the proclamation of hiphop and the future for it.. This is just that, “sinAmaxx” is the evolution of sound with integrity.. Birthed out of communication of a passion for music… Its sincere. So Ladies and Gentleman, Take time out and feel whats been created for you to feel, relate and simply enjoy!…
Ghea so you know what to do now right?! BANG THIS WIB SLAAAAPPPPERRRR Properly Tho!!! TURN IT UP!!! GGHEEAA!!



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