The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ian Davis – “Gratitude”.

Chester, Pennsylvania-based artist Ian Davis shares some heartfelt vibes in his new single titled “Gratitude”. The guitar-driven track is an insightful and introspective piece that explores the true meaning of gratitude and enjoying the small mercies bestowed on him.


Chuckfm – “Crash”.

Chuckfm gets into the deepest part of his thoughts in his latest release titled “Crash”. The track takes listeners on an epic life’s journey that sees the artist going through the ups and downs of this thing called life.





StarEyes – “Ecstasy”


StarEyes caught our ears with his latest self-produced track titled “Ecstasy”. Backed by the lush and atmospheric soundscape, he delivers an adulation-filled performance ripe with sultry melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics.



Tone D. – “Street thing”

Tone D and  Sticky Fingaz team up for the reflective song titled “Street thing” which is made up of a sombre and reflective soundscape and unapologetic lyrics that dwell on real-life issues.



Larry Coleman 2020 x Mark Battles – “Stars”

Larry Coleman 2020 and Mark Battles get into the zone in this new hard-hitting collaboration titled “Stars”.  Over the cinematic trap soundscape made up of orchestral bells, dark textures and 808-driven drum grooves, both emcees go back to back with solid bars.



Lo $teve – “Curren$Y”.


Lo $teve taps into the spirit of the legendary “Curren$Y” in this aptly titled track. Over a smokey soundscape and smooth drum groove, he delivers a laid-back and smooth flow with off-kilter raps.




Jack Rathbone – “Go To Hell”


UK rapper/songwriter Jack Rathbone delivers this cinematic and thoughtful track titled “Go To Hell” to our playlist. Over the dark and gloomy soundscape, he delivers a vivid performance that gives listeners a glimpse into his daily struggles and how he battles his inner demons.



VJ McCoy – “Change The World”


VJ McCoy and We The People have made up their minds to “Change The World” with this new release. The track is as sublime and soothing as tey come and ripe with heartfelt relatable songwriting that dwells on real-time issues.


J(X), Deadstock – “Undefeated” (feat. Deadstock & Axathedruid)

J(X), Deadstock and Axathedruid team up for  “Undefeated” which blends rich production with graphic lyricism in a seamless manner. The emcees do verbal damage with their distinct styles and off-kilter lyrics.





Cameo Brooks – “Playing Games”.


Cameo Brooks drops “Playing Games” on our playlist. The track has a sublime and cinematic production with punchy drums and a chilling vocal sample. The rapper shares his true thoughts on wax with vivid lyricism and brings listeners close to the action involving betrayal, personal loss and finding one’s footing in a crazy world. “Playing Games” is the opening track from his upcoming mixtape




Squeegie Oblong – “Beware” (Prod by Blaq Knight)

Staten Island, NY’s rising emcee Squeegie Oblong delivers this insightful track titled “Beware”. Backed by the hard-hitting soundscape provided by Blaq Knight, Squeegie Oblong shares a paranoia-filled tale of betrayal and lack of trust between kinfolk. Lines like “And I can’t rely on family ’cause motherfuckers would do you wrong and still expect you to run with they shit” display anger and the built-up resilience from constant disappointment. He sure doesn’t hold anything back and packs the track with relatable gems that everyone can learn from. “Beware” (which is available digitally now) is a new leak from the forthcoming Tanface LP (to drop digitally August 15th with physicals available August 21st via Razor Waves Records & Icy Palms Records). The entire album was produced by Blaq Knight and features appearances from Mytha Cvla and O The Great.



Scott D – “The Goal” (feat. River Harmony)

Los Angeles, California-based rapper Scott D blends the old and new in his new single “The Goal”. The summery jazz/soul-infused track produced by Soundmason is a solid fusion of feel-good vibes, bravado and insightful gems that dwell on personal goals and striving to be a better person. He is joined by River Harmony who adds a soothing melodic performance to the mix.




Pawz One x Preed One – “Broken Record” (feat. Zzay)


Pawz One and Preed One are back at it with their latest release “Broken Record” which sees them teaming up with vocalist Zzay. The guitar-laden soulful backdrop serves as the right canvas for Pawz One to tell a relatable tale of exes who never really get over you. “Broken Record” is the final single off emcee Pawz One and producer Preed One’s upcoming album Murals & Mayhem.



Sam Cotton – “Comment Tu T’appelles?”


Rapper/songwriter/instrumentalist Sam Cotton makes his debut on our playlist with “Comment Tu T’appelles?“. The mellow soulful tune shows us a glimpse of student life where he runs through his daily activities from classes, enjoying each moment with friends, potential love interest and trips to the corner store and trips in late-night cabs. Over the mellow and warm backdrop, he delivers his bars with a rich melodic tinge and vivid lyricism to boot.







Chopz Billions x Dremo – “Money in Da Bank” (feat. Dremo)


Nigerian artists Chopz Billions and Dremo team up for “Money in Da Bank”, an 808-laden trap tune that blends vivid lyricism filled with bravado. The emcees blend a mix of Nigerian pidgin English and English in a seamless manner which they top up with a somewhat catchy hook.




Dreadz – “Wicked N Bad”


Tottenham-born, Northampton-based rapper  Dreadz gets into his bag in “Wicked N Bad”. The upbeat club banger is a fusion of his Caribbean roots and UK influences which shines through the vibrant production and his cathcy chorus and vivid lyrics.


MRK SX – “Title Goes Here”


MRK SX‘s newest effort “Title Goes Here” is an introspective track that tracks his journey in the music industry and the many events that shaped him. Over the soulful and reflective backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his struggles as he strives to find his footing in a dog-eat-dog world.



cropscropscrops x Static Res – “altitude”

cropscropscrops and uprising DMV rapper Static Res team up for “altitude”, an offbeat lofi track that exudes solemn sensibilities and is underpinned by unfiltered rhyme schemes.  The dynamic production is engaging from start to finish.



MalcolmXtasy – “My City”

MalcolmXtasy takes us deep into his stomping grounds in his newest release titled “My City”. The production has a cinematic and urgent vibe while his vivid raps take precedence and drop listeners right in the mix of the action.



Tjf – “Not Too Much That I Need” (feat. Seddymac)

Nashville, TN-based multi-instrumentalist Tjf (Taylor Friesth) teams up with Seddymac for “Not Too Much That I Need”. The track is a solid blend of live instrumentation and engaging rhyming. Over pounding drums, soulful textures made up of solemn strings, rich horns and pulsating basslines, Seddymac delivers a solid performance filled with introspection and bravado.





DJ_Eggshells – “Take Some Time”


DJ_Eggshells delivers this solemn track “Take Some Time” on our list with much gusto. The pano-driven ballad sees him detailing heartbreak and hurt from unrequited love. He pours his heart on wax and delivers a relatable message for anyone who is in a similar situation. In the end, he let them know, if they keep pushing and are patient with themselves, the results are endless.


Vince & The Valholla Empire x King Stoneyy – “In the Heat of the Night, Pt. 2″ (Ballin’ Forever) [feat. The Track Burnaz]”


Vince & The Valholla Empire links with Chicago-based artist King Stoneyy for “In the Heat of the Night, Pt. 2” (Ballin’ Forever). Over a laidback groove, live bass guitar riff and warm R&B textures, the duo delivers a luxurious-filled performance.


Official Business – “Where I Came From”


Compton, Ca -raised rapper Official Business makes his entry on our site with “Where I Came From”. The track has a feel-good aesthetic and solid groove underpinned by the rapper’s graphic storytelling. Armed with his distinct flow and stylish rhyme schemes, he takes us deep into his stomping grounds and reminds us that one should never forget where they come from.


longsleeveunder – “If I Die Today”


Indie alternative rapper longsleeveunder shares this gloomy track titled “If I Die Today”. The sombre track is made up of solemn keys, rich guitar plucks and a downtempo groove that blends with his lazy drawl and unfiltered lyrics that dive into his demise and the what-ifs when it happens.


Virgø – “222” (feat. Loo Will)


Virgø‘s new single “222” sees him teaming with Loo Will for an insightful and heartfelt track. Backed by a moody and solemn backdrop, the emcees share their respective thoughts on loyalty and being true to the core at all times.


Her King – “Call To Action”

Pontiac, Michigan-born rapper/songwriter Her King delivers this thought-provoking and insightful track titled “Call To Action”. The aptly titled track aims to raise awareness of social issues plaguing the nation, from poor parenting to police brutality and gun violence. Over the dark soundscape, Her King delivers a resounding piece that we all need right now.


Trag Blakk – “Luvv” (feat. Maria Jade)

Indie rapper Trag Blakk teams up with vocalist Maria Jade for this love-themed collaboration titled “Luvv”. Over the soulful and sublime backdrop, both artists share their true feelings on love and how it can affect and change one’s life when we meet that one special person.


Mel MAG$ – “Fiends & Goblins”

Mel MAG$s “Fiends & Goblins” is a reflective track that sees him detailing his struggles with vices and the need to make better decisions in life. Over the groovy and somewhat punchy backdrop, the rapper delivers a fiery performance ripe with descriptive story telling that listeners can learn from.


Mattyice1990 – “Rock Bottom Part 1”


Indie rapper Mattyice1990 gives us an insightful and intimate glimpse into his life in his new self-produced release “Rock Bottom Part 1”. The track is made up of a cinematic synth and thick bassline all underpinned by his candid lyrics that dwell on drug addiction and the feeling of being at rock bottom. Feeling helpless and hopeless, the rapper gives us a vivid glimpse into his dark past and the many events that kept him there.




Mattyice1990 – “Rock Bottom Part 2”



Mattyice1990‘s “Rock bottom part 2” is the continuation of the first edition where he hit rock bottom. Over the sombre and gloomy production, he takes us from the bottom to where he found his way out.




Soaky Siren – “Terracotta”


Uprising Bahamas singer/songwriter Soaky Siren help close out the playlist with “Terracotta”. The vibrant tune is the perfect summer jam that needs to get on your playlist. The Sermstyle-produced track sees Soaky Siren pouring adulations on her muse and the feelings he gives her. Over the groovy and rousing bouncy backdrop, she delivers a sultry melodic performance ripe with expressive lyrics to match.

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