Emerging emcee We make his entry on TWIB with two new joints from his stash. The songs truly showcase his songwriting skill and a knack for penning heartfelt and personal songs everyone can relate to.


The first cut “Nothing Was the Same” is a reflective cut that is made up of lush guitar plucks and snappy drums. We reflect on his relationship with women and all the drama that comes with it. He acknowledges that he is far from perfect but states that everyone should be accountable for their actions.

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“Our Love Died in the Summer Time..” is a solemn cut that dives into an affair with a lady who is in a committed relationship. He details all their encounters and the dynamics of being the side guy who is just doing his thing. It’s quite relatble and honest from start to finish.

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“Nothing Was the Same” and “Our Love Died in the Summer Time..” are songs taken from We’s  EP OLDIST. Get the EP on all DSPs here.


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