Eclectic musicians Warp Trio & Likwuid team up with singer Mirah on the edgy, offbeat track titled ” Welcome to the Pandemic Disco.” Bolstered by a cinematic and engulfing production ripe with dreamy sound design and classical elements, the musician provides something refreshing and ou the box. From Likwuid’s fiery flows to the sublime melodic runs by the singer Mirah, listeners are taken into a whole different zone that breaks the walls of genre restrictions.

The zany visuals are helmed by director Josh Henderson who captures the group’s off-kilter style and brings it to life. From the eye-catching costumes, zany and trippy effects, and the isolated performance shots of the vocal performers. It’s quite an engaging visual to watch and it reminds me of those 90s rock videos I used to watch as a kid on MTV.

Full Album Available on August 20th on all platforms.

Warp Trio is an internationally touring cross-genre chamber music experience. A mashup of Juilliard trained players and members steeped in rock and jazz styles, the one-of-a-kind trio can be seen performing classical works in prestigious halls on the same tour where they headline a standing room only show at a rock venue. In addition to their electrifying public performances, they have gained a reputation for their innovative educational workshops with students from grade school through university level. 

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