This is my first introduction to emcee LiKWUiD and she comes through with a solid performance alongside P.SO THE EARTHTONE KING & DONWILL on her latest single
HOLD THAT (FAYBLES). The song is off her collaboration project titled Fay Grim with the production team of 2 Hungry bros.

Waste Little time and hit that play button.


In continuation of #paleotuesday this week at HiPNOTT, we present “Hold That (Faybles)” by LiKWUiD & 2 Hungry Bros featuring P.SO the Earthtone King and Donwill of Tanya Morgan. Labelmate emcees collaborate to give you their experience with people that just won’t let go. Some things are worth holding on to, that’s not the case in the 3 scenarios presented. There are 3 sides to every fable…”yours, mine and the truth.”

In the spirit of letting go of salty bar owners, clingy lovers, jealous frenemies, or other individuals who do not deserve the time and space of day, “Hold That (Faybles)” offers an escape plan for folks that are just ready to move forward.  Tired of being outcasted, misinterpreted or just shut out by your peers? Then here is the gateway to redirecting that energy back to the source…hold that!  The 2 Hungry Bros lend their magic by providing a melodic canvas with signature heavy alternating drums and sinister deep  loops and chops. Enjoy “Hold That (Faybles)” which will be featured on the upcomingLiKWUiD and 2 Hungry Bros project Fay Grim.

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