We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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80 – “Slow”

80 shares new single “Slow” as part of his weekly beat releases. The production here is a bit of lofi, trip-hop with some soulful elements. The drums are solid, punchy, and merge perfectly with the somber and ominous textures used.




Socotra – “Cutbacks”

Socotra gets into his lo-fi bag on his new release titled “Cutbacks.” The UK producer delivers a soothing and nostalgic beat ripe with lush keys, punchy drums, and relaxing basslines to match.

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888 Producer – “On Time”


888 Producer’s new release “On Time” is a smooth alluring piece that embodies the spirit of summer. It blends the best of soul samples over punchy boom-bap drum grooves and the result is splendid. The track is taken from his Summer, Vol. 1 project.

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Kuo – “18:30”


Kuo‘s”18:30″ is a somber and reflective beat ripe with a moody texture and soft drums. The progression is quite dynamic to some degree and has a nice punch within it.
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Dj Unknown – “Old Droids”


Eclectic producer/DJ Dj Unknown‘s new release “Old Droids” is a dark cinematic beat built with moody textures and heavy drum grooves. This is something I hear Ill Bill or Vinnie Paz rapping over

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Figarate – “Keep On”


Newcastle-based hip-hop Producer/Beatmaker Figarate makes his entry on our list with the soulful head-nodding jam titled “Keep On.” He blends heavenly horns, punchy boom-bap drum grooves, and pulsating basslines on this heavy tune.
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Morizmatik – “Time”

Russian producer Morizmatik delivers an eclectic piece titled “Time.” From the pop elements to trip-hop and electronic, he brings forth an engaging and dynamic beat that listeners can rock with.
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Dude – “Chrome”

Dude brings something new on his latest release titled “Chrome.” The production here has a futuristic feel with booming drums, trippy synths that sound like a scene from a movie.


Grimaso – “All In Check”

Slovakian producer Grimaso makes his entry on our list with his Busta Rhymes-inspired beat titled “All In Check.” He flips a smooth soulful textured beat with Busta’s vocals and the result is solid.
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rocomoco – “Warm Flicker”


“Warm Flicker” is the first single from the first rocomoco’s forthcoming album Into The Blue” (scheduled for September 2021). The track is as eclectic as they come and fuses elements from downtempo music and lofi hip hop. From the moody textures, jazzy chords, and lively drum grooves, Rocomoco sure delivers the goods in high quantities.

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CaliCronk – “I’ll Be Waiting”

CaliCronk got something new in the form of the single “I’ll Be Waiting,” a mellow dreamy beat ripe with lush keys, nostalgic layered sounds, and soothing sounds from nature.

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Jona Kandaly – “Late in the Afternoon”

Italian producer Jona Kandaly shares the new single “Late in the Afternoon” with us. The production is piano-laden and somber with its soft textures, vocal samples, and mellow drum grooves.

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Sweeps – “if I got you”


Producer Sweeps chops up a smooth soulful sample on his new track “if I got you.” A blend of soft strings, moody basslines, and a melodic vocal to match the engaging drum grooves. It’s taken from his new album titled Epoch.
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VOIDPRODUCEDIT closes this week’s list with this experimental and off-kilter track titled “THE WORLD MUST BE DESTROYED.” The production is out the box and is ripe with thick pulsating basslines, dark trippy synths that swirl around the listener’s ears.

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