The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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SVMI – “Milan”


UK rapper/singer SVMI opens up this week’s list with an upbeat club-ready jam titled “Milan.” The track sees the eclectic act delivering melodic raps over a lush bouncy backdrop. The record focuses on him escaping the drama surrounding him by getting out of town.


Ghost Dog – “Master of Ceremonies”


Emerging emcee Ghost Dog fuses the spirit of martial arts with hip-hop on his new song/video “Master of Ceremonies.” Over a somber Japanese sample layered over boom-bap drums, Ghost Dog takes us into his world where codes and ethics play a very important role in making him who he is. It is produced by Watkinz Da General and taken from from the Ghost Dog’s Warrior’s Pride LP released on June 5th, 2021

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C.R – “Ambition of a MC”


Emerging emcee C.R is a student of the game and on his new song “Ambition of a  MC” he dives into the art of lyricism and emceeing. Over a moody backdrop, he pays homage to legends who laid the foundation and also gives the listeners a glimpse into his thoughts on how the rap game is now.
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Cold Medina x Matt Kelly – Holy Water”.


“Holy Water” is the second single from rapper Cold Medina and producer Matt Kelly’s upcoming collaborative album Knights In Tropicana. On the track, the duo takes an introspective and soulful approach to chase the promises of a better tomorrow. It is quite an insightful and engaging piece and the visual is excellent.





UK emcee TRiLLeR drops a hard-hitting jam “M!NUTE” for our list this week. The self-produced track sees the rapper reflecting on the ups, downs, good and bad in his own way.
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Cedric Des – “Love Us Black”


California hip-hop artist Cedric Des delivers this poignant and heartwarming single titled “Love Us Black.” The track sees the rapper in full black mode as he tackles racial discrimination in an unapologetic manner.



Dre A.M. – “Hype Night”


Dre A.M.’s “Hype Night” is a multi-story track that sees the rapper opening several chapters from his life and how these events affected him in different ways.
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I.L.L.A. – “Revolutionary Motion Pictures”


Emerging rapper I.L.L.A. shares visuals for his new song “Revolutionary Motion Pictures.” A reflective track that dives into a man’s transition from the fast life to finding true peace in God away from vices. Over an upbeat and somewhat engulfing backdrop, I.L.L.A. delivers an impassioned performance ripe with a profound tale everyone can relate to.
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The Dream Sequence – “Free Mind”

The Dream Sequence aims to raise our spirits on “Free Mind” a punchy and bass-heavy jam that centers on cultivating mental strength and breaking free from groupthink.



Step Back J – “Winning Season”


Step Back J is in celebratory mode on his new single “Winning Season” the track is a vibrant anthemic jam that sees the rapper embodying the spirit of a winner over lively drums and triumphant horns.





Hundo‘s “SPIN THE BLOCK” is a heartfelt track that centers around reminiscing about an ex. It was birthed after he sent a text to his ex and realizing maybe he needs to stop falling back on old habits. The track is quite insightful and relatable.
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Ric Flo – “Taste Of Independence”


Indie UK rapper Ric Flo shares his life story on the heartfelt single “Taste Of Independence.” Backed by a soulful and nostalgia-inducing production, Flo takes us down memory lane and gives us a wide range of emotions and experiences that shaped him.
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Sensei D ft Xploder & D Dark – “Deserts Miss the Rain”


Sensei D aka DDark pays homage to his brother Xploder on the upbeat and reflective track titled “Deserts Miss the Rain.” The track aims to immortalize the memory and legacy of Xploder who succumbed to the complications of the covid-19 virus earlier in the year.
Get “Deserts Miss the Rain” on all DSPs here



PRVNA – “Believe” (Feat. KDotMelody)

PRVNA links up with KDotMelody for a bouncy soulful jam titled “Believe.” A blend of dance vibes with soulful elements, PRVNA delivers a soothing melodic performance while KDotMelody comes through with a slick verse.






REDEYEBLUE new release “CHASIN'” is a soothing and reflective jam ripe with jazz/lofi elements peppered over boom-bap drums. The track centers around the human want and needs in society.



Chima Anya x SoulChef – “Giants”


“Giants” is the 5th single from Chima Anya and SoulChef‘s Modern Fairytale project. The record is a punchy boom-bap track that compares and contrasts fairytale giants of old, with modern giants, and finds some interesting surprises in their evolution.



Tré Orona – “Copper” feat. nuh uh

Tré Orona teams up with singer nuh-uh for this dark and moody track titled “Copper.” Bolstered by the cinematic backdrop provided by producer Tsoh Tso, Tré Orona breaks down the effect of the advent of technology and the internet from a reflective perspective.

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Christian Foley X N I N A – “Sunday”

Christian Foley and N I N A share another collaborative track titled “Sunday” and it’s a heartfelt joint that explores the serenity of the sabbath day. Backed by a guitar-laden backdrop, Foley lays a smooth reflective verse while N I N A compliments with her soothing melodic runs.
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Ruben Young x Buddy – “TNT”


Canadian singer-songwriter Ruben Young links with West coast emcee Buddy on this new summer dance jam titled “TNT” The record is a smooth blend of hip-hop with pop sensibilities from Buddy’s slick flows to bright melodic choruses and funky grooves, listeners get a jam that prepares them for the summer. The record features live brass performed by Canadian funk band Busty and The Bass.
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Wez Atlas – “Zuum!”


Rising Japanese/American indie hip-hop artist Wez Atlas shares a new single “Zuum!” on the playlist. The song sees him teaming up with starRo, the first Japanese producer to receive a Grammy Nomination. The record is a smooth blend of vibrant dance grooves, lush guitar riffs, and a solid bi-lingual-laden flow by Atlas. The chorus is catchy as well.
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KNG SVN – “Independence Day”


KNG SVN shares visuals for his song “Independence Day.” Over a soulful backdrop provided by @BeatsbySolitaire, he reflects on his past relationships and seeks closure from his exes in his own unique manner.
The visual is Directed by @IrieB / Shot by @Iammrlucas. “Independence Day “appears on The Blue Album by KNG SVN / @EZY07
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