Alright alright alright, you might not get why I’m so excited about this announcement and I don’t blame you, but once you feast your ears on the dopeness that is Alps Cru you will do. One of the dopest hip hop acts I’ve ever heard, they’ve only released about 5 EPs (three from the mid 90s with the two of them were practically re-releases) and it is a crying shame there is such little Alps Cru out there, and that they have barely been heard – classic classic tunes include Pitstop, The Concept and Loudmouths. Today it’s been announced that a whole EP of unreleased material, featuring the legendary Sadat X, is out this Autumn. If you can get hold of any of their EPs I urge you do NOT miss out. Ok, I’m going to have a lie down now…

Alps Cru: Website

DJ Alejan: Youtube


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