Cluster Mag and 2DopeBoyz present ‘The Produce Section,’ a new monthly video series featuring in-studio sessions, interviews, and general mischief-making with the unsung heroes of hip-hop, the men and women behind the machines- the producers.

For the beat fanatics out there, here is a nice little video courtesy of Cluster Mag and 2DopeBoyz where you can get familiar with Brown Bag All Stars producer J57 and get a glimpse into his creative process. I discovered the BBAA not too long ago but I am quite amazed by the quality of their music, as well as their videos and it’s therefore a great pleasure for me to get a sneak peak at the crew’s producer while he’s into his music-making zone.
J57 is currently working on his upcoming EP, entitled 2057, which features members of Brown Bag All Stars, among other guests. You can already listen to and download several tracks taken from the project on Brown Bag Allstars blog. Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the word!
You can also read J57’s interview with William Kowall on Cluster Mag.

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