Alright this came out about a month ago when OF dropped in on the BBC but you might have missed it so I’ll drop it for you again because it’s pretty dope, and since it’s on the BBC all the naughty words have been censored but at least it helps you admire the fire beat and the majestic choreographed dancing in the background. Mellowhype, made up of MC Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain (he’s the dude in the Inspector Gadget costume), has understandably gone under the radar with all the hype surrounding Tyler and Earl, but I think they’re maaaaaad underrated. Hodgy’s flow and technique at times is insane and Left Brain’s production is hella nice too. The duo’s my favourite act out of Odd Future so I’m pretty hyped for the Blackendwhite re-release on the 12th July and yesterday it was announced that a video for 64 (you can watch a live performance of it here) is dropping next Monday. Both 64 and 65 will be featured on Numbers, the new Mellowhype album released some time this year.

Hodgy Beats: Twitter

Left Brain: Tumblr

Odd Future: YoutubeTumblr


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