A real gem in the inbox today – brand new visuals from The Alexander Green Project by Kaimbr & Kev Brown.  Available to purchase now at Fat Beats.  Hit the jump to read some exposition on the video shoot, and expect a full review of the album shortly!

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“We shot this video during a live performance at Fat Beats on Record Store Day (April 16th, 2011).  We were fortunate that both Redef Recs affiliated camera experts were available to work with us on this one; Jesse Puma & Dan Love (same guys involved with our “Don’t Do It” music video).  Jesse does films, and Dan shoots stills.  They are both great at what they do and they both have Canon brand cameras, so the added bonus is that we can interchange lenses, etc.

Anyways; Kaimbr & Kev Brown drove up to NYC from Maryland, along with their friend DJ Roger as well as Kev’s mentor, Early Reed from the Low Budget Crew.  We all decided to should make the most of their time in NY and shoot a music video.  We didn’t really have too many hours to shoot or to even plan it out, so instead of a strict plan or concept, so we just said ‘let’s wing it’ and made it happen.  Everyone was amazing to work with and things went much better than any of us had expected.  We even had plans to film outside earlier during the day but a massive storm got in our way.  Somehow I think that storm made for a better video, because had it been a nice, sunny day, we would have very likely missed out on some great locations within the Fat Beats warehouse.

Damu the Fudgemunk (co-owner of Redef Recs) also made the trip to NY on this day, coming up from his hometown of Washington DC.  Because of the insane weather, his bus was delayed and as a result, he showed up about halfway through the in-store shoot.  After wrapping up at Fat Beats, we then headed back to Funkadelic Studios in Manhattan (you may remember this place from Damu’s DRUMS Part 1 & Drums Part 2 videos) where we then filmed some additional footage as well as an interview that Damu conducted with the group which we will share next week.”

– John Notarfrancesco (Redefinition Records)


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