Now, I have heard a lot of hip hop in my time. I’ve been submerged in that underground flava for quite a while. But this here release by Vertual Vertigo is without a shadow of a doubt of the dopest I have heard. The Chicago-based quartet have just gone and dropped a couple of vinyl releases on Variation Music, the label born out of the hard work of Hip Hop connoisseur Vinyl Digger and has previously featured the works of Dysfunkshunal Familee with beats by 9th Wonder and a whole host of other dope acts. They are worth checking out.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. This Air / Keep Following 12″ release has been a long time coming – I dropped the video for ‘Air’ on here a few months back – but it was well, well worth the wait. Anyone with an appreciation for that underground hip hop sound, that authentic, sample-based, rugged sound will adore this record. Packed with remixes and instrumentals, each as dope as the next, topped with raw lyrics, it really is crazy dope. Support the underground and purchase!

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