Indie emcee VerseBorn drops his first release for 2022 in the form of this hard0hitting track titled “Burn It Down.” The track dives into real-time issues covering social and political themes in this post-pandemic era with a tinge of hope. Over the laidback but punchy soundscape, he runs through the craziness we face daily and reminds us that perseverance and faith will sustain us in order to achieve our goals.

Stream “Burn It Down” on SoundCloudAudiomack.

VerseBorn Bio Hailing from the Golden State, VerseBorn is a recording artist and a music producer. This artist rides solo, but he also reps a Bay area group called KonQuest (Keep On Never QUit Even when it Seems Tough), which he formed in high school alongside childhood comrade, Flamingo Fred.


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