Essex, UK emcee Verbs shares his sophomore single “Cancel Culture” as he prepares to drop his forthcoming album Visionary sometime in June. The single is a dark and thought-provoking cut that dives into the subject of cancel culture in this social media-driven society. he makes use of a cinematic backdrop courtesy of producer Evo to deliver his candid thoughts on the matter and gives an impassioned performance ripe with objective elements. He sees no end to the social justice war where self-righteous individuals could fall victim to their own standards and how media could influence division within the masses. Verbs sure shed light on this issue and leave a lot for listeners to ponder on.

The visual is quite trippy and dark with its creepy aesthetics and off-kilter style.

Verbs is one half of legendary UK crew Iron Bridge alongside the insanely talented and lightening quick Jibbarish. Originally hailing from Essex, UK, just outside of East London he has been located in South East Asia for many years and currently resides in Thailand. 

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